Choosing the best kitchen cabinets San Antonio TX can account for a huge portion of your kitchen renovation budget, especially if you have a lot of cabinetry already or you are looking to transition to more. Choosing the best cabinets may be the ticket that identifies how the rest of your kitchen renovations will go, they can really set the scene for your space.

Currently, most people tend to be a little more conservative with their kitchen cabinets. They look for cabinets that are less fussy and more streamlined because it is easier to work into your kitchen. Most people aim for clean lines and square corners, giving their kitchens a more traditional look.

Buying the Best Kitchen Cabinets San Antonio TX

Buying the best kitchen cabinets now includes a sincere look at how much you will use these cabinets. Do you really need to buy the most expensive cabinetry if you don’t actually use your cabinets all that much? More manufacturers are offering premium looking features than ever before at different price points.

Doing some research before you purchase the cabinets can really save you some time and money. Working with a company that knows the pros and cons of the different cabinetry can really help to push you forward and reach and ending that much sooner. Trust your own taste and work with a company that you can trust at the same time.

Look at Your Budget

When picking the best kitchen cabinets, there are three different styles to choose from, in essence: stock, semi-custom, and custom. Each one has its pros and cons, and really the best option depends on who you are and what you need.

Stock: Tend to be the cheapest and most often come pre-assembled. Sometimes they need to be assembled if purchased from a big box store. Typically have the lowest quality, but they are still fine cabinets that will last you for a long time. The colors and styles you get are limited.

Semi-Custom: Semi-custom cabinetry offers you more options, styles, and configurations. This is the best option for somewhat strange spaces and when you really want one specific element that you can’t find anywhere else.

Custom: The most expensive option, but it is the best way to add whatever features you want.

Best Kitchen Cabinets San Antonio TX: Styles

Do you like framed or frameless cabinetry? Framed cabinets are made out of a box and face frame where the doors and drawers attach whereas frameless ones are more contemporary and easier to install and clean. Which option is the best for you and your kitchen really depends on the style of kitchen you are looking for.

Best Kitchen Cabinets San Antonio TX: Construction

If you plan on having your kitchen last for a long time, you want to buy cabinets that are the best quality. This means that they use solid wood drawers and employ dovetail joints instead of being simple particleboard. Look for full extension guides rather than something integrated. If this sounds like Greek to you, then talk to a professional about the different approaches that you can take.

Best Kitchen Cabinets San Antonio TX: Features

Although the best kitchen cabinets are a bit pricey, they can also make or break your design aesthetic. Think about including a pullout trash can, built in charging stations for your tech, or a lifting cabinet to make more space. There are plenty of options out there that can really revolutionize your space.

Is Renovation an Option?

If your current cabinets work just as well, renovating them might be the way to get the best kitchen cabinets that are already fit to your kitchen. Consider repainting, refinishing, or just updating the hardware. To do it correctly, you may have to take some of the work into your own hands. You can also send them out to get renovated and refurbished, which will add to the cost but it will still be much less than what it was. Your contractor will be able to help you choose the best resources for your cabinetry. There are ways to update them too, by installing new shelving, adding lazy Susans, or putting lighting into them.

Best Kitchen Cabinets San Antonio TX for Every Budget

Kitchen cabinets vary greatly in price and scope. There are different types that you need to consider. Remember that most kitchens will have at least 25 feet of cabinetry, which is why it is such a huge part of your budget. The best way to get what you want and find the best kitchen cabinets is to reach out to a professional who can help you. Call us today (210) 981-4334 to see how our professional partners can help.