If youre just starting to think about how youre going to remodel, kitchen projects can seem overwhelming. However, with the right remodel kitchen San Antonio TX pros on your side, it will be a breeze, and were here to help you get started.

Remodel Kitchen San Antonio TX: Planning Phases

When doing a comprehensive remodel, kitchen projects are typically broken up into several phases. Although each contractor handles things a little differently, and will walk you through their individual process, you can generally count on a few distinct milestones.


During the design phase, you get to pick and choose whats right for you. By the time most people start the design phase, theyve been gathering data on their own or have at least some general idea of what styles and pieces they like, so the design phase gives them a chance to hammer out the specifics. Nowadays, design is most often done with special software that maps out the space and often allows you to preview what certain pieces will look like in your home.

Budgets & Bids

When software is used to create the design, it often, but not always, includes the pricing of the project as well. Other times, a contractor will visit your home and will provide you with an estimate after researching costs of the specific items you request.


The final phase before beginning work is the planning stage. After you have approved a contractors bid, youll establish a timeline with milestones for the completed project. Again, this may be combined into a single visit with the other planning phases or it could be a stand-alone discussion. Generally speaking, you could complete all the planning for your project in one day or within a couple of weeks.

Remodel Kitchen San Antonio TX: Construction Phases

When most people remodel, kitchen downtime is a concern. This can generally be minimized, but it depends on how much youre changing. If youre essentially starting from scratch, you can expect a couple weeks with minimal use of the space. If youre not moving walls, youll probably only have a few days of downtime or reduced usability at select stages that you can easily prepare for.


If a full overhaul is being done, the first step of construction is to remove all the old materials and appliances. This usually only takes a day or two, and once everything is cleared, your contractor will be able to double check the structural integrity and make sure everything is safe to build on again.

Walls, Flooring, Electrical

The walls will come next, if youre moving things around. When theyre at a bare-bones stage, any electrical or HVAC needs will also be tended to. If youre upgrading your flooring, it may be done at this point as well, though sometimes contractors hold off on flooring until after the cabinets are done.


If youre trying to minimize downtime, your contractor may be able to split your cabinet installation into individual phases, such as upper cabinets one day and lower on the next. Although cabinet installation doesnt generally take more than a couple days, provided theyre pre made, your choice in style or custom work can mean that it will take a factory several weeks or even months to create them. This shouldnt impact your downtime, as most contractors will wait until the cabinets are ready for install before beginning, but it will impact your overall timeline.


Like cabinets, counters can take a while to arrive as well, particularly if youre opting for a premium solution like granite. This is because the creator needs to have precise measurements and time to laser cut your new counters. If youre going for granite, expect it to take about two weeks for your counters to arrive from the time theyre ordered until install. An option like laminate can be installed right away, if time is a concern, but it wont have the look or durability of a material like granite.


Adding a fresh coat of paint is usually one of the last things on the list, thus ensuring the room is flawless upon completion. Painting generally only takes a day, but allow two just in case.

Wrap-Up and Walk-Through

Once the paint is dry, the final touches are placed in the room. Things like outlet covers and lighting are added and the team cleans up the area. You should also get the opportunity to walk through the remodel- kitchen experts love to show off their work and want to be sure youre satisfied with the job.

Remodel Kitchen San Antonio TX: Get Started Today

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